Lab Scale Casting Machine is Perfect for R&D!


New Lab Scale Casting/Coating Machine is Perfect for R&D!

Lab Scale Caster

The new Pro-Cast Series Lab Scale Tape Casting/Coating Machines offer a simplified and inexpensive forming method for product development, research, and quality control. The new machines are the latest in the popular series of casters and coaters from HED International and are simple to use yet sophisticated enough to provide a versatile research and development platform.

The Lab Scale Machines are designed with an enclosed drying chamber and removable tempered glass view-ports for ease of product access and visual inspection. Precision casting and coating applications are accomplished with a calibrated doctor blade set on a solid granite plate. Independently controlled heaters and an exhaust fan are provided for counter-flow circulation and dynamic management of the drying process and vapor removal. A variable speed drive with both carrier payout and removable take-up spools are also included. At less then 10′ in overall length, they are suitable for either tabletop or freestanding installations. Each machine comes complete with an integrated control system, wired and ready for immediate operation in your facility. A variety of custom options are also available.

Lab Scale Dr. Blade

Developers who successfully produce prototypes on the Pro-Cast Series Lab Scale machines can be confident that similar results will be produced when they transition to the larger scale Pro-Cast production machines.

HED International, a leader in the design and manufacture of processing systems, has installations worldwide used in the production of advanced ceramics, fuel cells, rechargeable batteries, capacitors, electronic materials, thermal plastic adhesives and other tape cast products.

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