PRO-CAST® Features

The PRO-CAST® Series is a full line of versatile Casting/Coating Machines for the production of high quality cast/coated products. Systems range in length from 12 feet, ideal for lab scale applications, to over 100 feet. The PRO-CAST® Series are “production proven”, having set performance standards in the production of millions of square inches of product. All are equipped with continuous conveyor systems with surfaces that assure imperfection-free castings/coatings. Production variables, such as conveyor speed, temperature profile, solvent gradient, and air flow, are adjusted and controlled precisely. All models are equally adept at either continuous or batch operation. “Casting/coating thicknesses from 0.001″ to 0.125″ and widths from 4″ to 52” are routinely produced on a daily basis on PRO-CAST® machines. Large custom models are available to handle special requirements.

PRO-CAST® High Production

A variety of casting/coating surfaces can be used, depending on the surface finish and release characteristics required. Casting can be done directly on a stainless steel belt or laid down on a coated paper or organic polymer carrier such as MYLAR® and ACLAR®.Coating can be unto foils or screen materials.

Following are some of the special design features available with:

  • Precise casting/coating surface ground and certified to a tolerance of+0.0003″.
  • Sturdy structure with a solid level casting/coating platform.
  • Constant speed microprocessor controlled digital drive with speed indication.
  • Precisely set gaps for doctor blade or coating heads.
  • Systems to consistently deliver slurry to the surface of the carrier.
  • Forced, preheated air drawn in a counter-flow direction for convective drying, solvent gradient control, and exhaust removal.
  • Exhaust system sized to be compatible with solvent or aqueous based slurries.
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) providing an easy to use operator interface specifically designed for the tape casting/coating process.