Electric Kilns

Electric High Fire Kilns 2350 F – Cone 11

Electric High Fire Kilns

Rugged extra heavy duty, trouble free kilns for use by professional ceramists, schools, colleges, industry and research.

Built to last a lifetime, the PRO series front loading kilns have proven themselves to be versatile and enduring tools for a wide range of applications in educational, laboratory and industrial environments. These kilns are routinely used for firing clay bodies, porcelain artware, decorating glass and ceramic articles, processing technical ceramics, aerospace components, metals, and a wide range of other materials requiring uniform and reliable high temperature firing.

The PRO series, available in a selection of standard sizes can be ordered with digital on-off or microprocessor based temperature controls. An intelligent and economical way of providing high reliability for a wide variety of work requirements.


Top Hat Electric Kilns

Heavy gauge exterior case of 1/8″ steel plate, welded and reinforced with structural steel to form a strong integral unit, and attractively finished in heat resistant paint.

Heat seal door construction with door jambs and hinges fabricated of steel plate with two heavy duty door clamps, bolt hinges and a peepsight with cover.

Durable, energy efficient multilayer interior lining, up to 7″ thick, consisting of energy efficient 2600o F rated insulating firebrick hotface backed up with low heat loss ceramic block insulation.

Longlife heating elements made of Kanthal AF are located in flared-slot holders on all sides and door for uniform heat distribution. Floor element is included on larger models.

Electrical components U.L/F.M listed with a main control panel and individual safety circuit breaker switches to control each element. Electrical system includes porcelain insulator element feed throughs, heat resistant terminal boards with heavy duty, lug type wire connectors and removable ventilated terminal covers designed for easy access and servicing. Completely wired and ready for operation at 220V/1Ph/60Hz. Other voltages available as optional extra.

Microprocessor temperature controller with digital display, provided with selector switch to shut off automatically at a predetermined temperature or maintain a preset temperature for any required length of time.

Kiln supplied as a complete unit, with a comprehensive instruction manual, ready for operation after connection by purchaser to power supply recommended on the factory referenced rating plate affixed to the kiln and inaccordance with all applicable codes.

Optional Extras

Computerized process control systems and data recorders.
Multiple temperature zone control systems.
Motorized kiln mover.
Motorized dampers.
Kiln furniture.
Energy efficient ceramic fiber lining.
Low maintenance silicon carbide heating elements.
Identical sizes and features also available in shuttle kiln


1.Kiln circuit breaker control panel (provided as standard
2.Optional temperature control instrumentation, automatic
shut-off, alarm systems, etc.
3.Wall panel boards of 3/4 inch plywood or equivalent.
4.Main safety disconnect switch, sized and fused for kiln
electrical rating.
5.Bed heating element safety disconnect switches (two
6.Hard conduit feeds for each kiln bed.
7.Flexible conduit, sized for conductors required by kiln.
8.Hood, if required, for natural or forced draft exhaust.