Advanced High Temperature Kilns for Operation at 1800 Degrees Celsius


Press Release, July 2017 –

Advanced High Temperature Kilns for 1800 Celsius are Gas Fired System designs introduced by Unique/Pereny, a Division of HED International. These kilns are made specifically for applications demanding superior precision, accuracy, reliability, versatility and durability.  Aerospace Industry 1800 Celsius requirements are for the production of more advanced high temperature components and thermal protection systems (TPS) for spacecraft, reusable rockets and engines. These are being met by the routine use of Unique/Pereny Advanced High Temperature Kilns.

Unique/Pereny Gas Fired Kilns enable efficient thermal processing with precisely controlled stoichiometric, oxidizing and non-oxidizing  atmospheres in ppm required to produce advanced ceramics, ceramic matrix composites and to transform polymers to carbon.  Combustion controls and analysis systems, programmable temperature controls and pressure controls assure carbonization/pyrolysis, binder burn off and sintering to meet all process requirements.  A kiln camera system is available to take real time color video of the thermal process inside the kiln for viewing remotely. The Cool Skin placed on the kiln exterior moderates the kiln surface temperature and adding an After-Burner incinerates exhausted products into environmentally safer emissions. Unique/Pereny engineers have advanced kiln design for over 80 years along with steadfast technical product support worldwide.

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