The UNIQUE/PERENY division of HED is the successor, through acquisition, of the Unique Kiln Company founded in 1948 by Mr. Harry Ratcliffe in Trenton, New Jersey and the Pereny Furnace Company founded in 1933 by Mr. Andrew Pereny in Columbus, Ohio. Today, with many hundreds of kilns, furnaces and other thermal systems in operation worldwide, the UNIQUE/PERENY brand is recognized as the leader in quality and reliability by the worlds foremost industrial, research, education and governmental institutions.

UNIQUE/PERENY has been designing and fabricating a broad range of kilns, furnaces, ovens and thermal systems for over 50 years. These include box type, car bottoms, shuttles, elevator, conveyorized and tunnel type units; many of which are exclusive designs not normally supplied by other companies.

Fuel Fired Elevator Kiln

The Company is staffed by skilled professionals and crafts people. It is these people who carry on our tradition of providing innovative and cost effective solutions to meet the needs of the customers we serve. Our employees include engineers, designer, draftsmen, welders, pipe-fitters, machinists, bricklayers and electricians, experienced in designing and manufacturing our products.

Sales and Marketing are directed by Product Managers with expertise in dealing with customers in specific fields and selected product applications. Working closely together with the managers of Manufacturing, Engineering and Accounting, they plan, control, execute and review all orders processed for customers. In this way, all of our company personnel contribute, in one way or another, to creating products and services which are superior in quality, value and customer satisfaction.

PRO-CAST® High Production

HED International, Inc.’s offices and manufacturing facilities are located on over seven acres in Ringoes, New Jersey. Over 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space in amply equipped with the machinery and tools essential for the fabrication of both large and small furnaces, kilns, ovens, thermal systems and burners.

UNIQUE/PERENY is a leading, worldwide supplier to the foremost educational, government, research and industrial facilities. Refer to our menu for complete product information or if you are interested in more general information about HED International, Inc. and the UNIQUE/PERENY Division please click here.