Here is PRO-CAST®’s master control center where tape casting production variables such as casting rate, carrier speed, temperature profile, solvent gradient and atmosphere flow can be adjusted and controlled precisely.

Pro-Cast HMI

And this gets even better, with our human machine interface system you get a simplified operator interface and graphic displays that provide essential information and ease of control leaving almost nothing to chance which minimizes the need for operator intervention.

With our HMI system, what you see is what you get. Its easy to use, shortens operator training time and dramatically increases productivity.

In this limited space, we can only touch on the hmi system to give you a glimpse of its versatility.

For instance, this Overview screen displays the entire casting operation at a glance, showing all of the critical process values. Our intuitive menu bar gives you a simple, fast way to access specific operator screens.
For example, selecting Interlocks, displays the system interlocks screen. Here you can quickly see whether or not all system conditions are “okay” and can start or stop the casting process. We’ve also included a recipe button to allow pre-configured operating recipes to be selected and downloaded on the fly.
The Heaters screen displays the temperatures of the heat zones in the oven. Simply select modify setpoints to establish a precise drying temperature profile.

The Drive screen displays the conveyor and tape carrier speed. Adjustments made on this screen are controlled by a closed loop system connected to a digital tachometer and product thickness monitor.
The Fans screen displays fan speed which defines the atmosphere flow and exhaust rate. These can be adjusted manually or set to automatic control via Pro-Cast’s “LEL” solvent vapor detection system to establish a precise solvent gradient across the oven.
The Slurry screen displays the level of casting slurry or fluid in the reservoir. The level selected on this screen is maintained by an automatic casting fluid delivery system.

The Clock screen displays the controls for automatic start and stop programming of the production operation.

The Alarms screen displays the status of alarms including date and time stamps, history and help screens along with provisions for memos and commentary.

And then there’s more. Pro-Cast’s powerful Real Time and Historical Trending capabilities make it possible to manage your production and stay way ahead of the competition. In fact, this hmi system is completely scalable and can be used throughout your factory to provide solutions from the production line to the back office. Its quite possibly the most versatile human machine interface on the planet.

There is nothing else on the market like this new Pro-Cast tape casting machine. Just imagine what it can do for you.