UNIQUE/PERENY Hi-Tech Gas Fired Kilns Add Productivity


PRESS RELEASE – June 28, 2016.  Unique/Pereny Hi-Tech Kilns add productivity for the foremost producers of proprietary materials that provide secure in package and on package authentication solutions worldwide.  This includes applications for brand protection, fuel grade marking, bank notes security and pharmaceutical authentication.  HED International, Inc.  has provided kilns to reliably increase production of a range of fired powders designed to be applied in ways that identify and or authenticate many consumer products, currency and other everyday items.  These kilns have added productivity that has resulted in thousands of dollars of more product per kiln load.  HED engineers form partnerships with all clients to increase their productivity, profit and find solutions that fit.

For more information visit www.hed.com , call (609) 466-1900 ext.119, or email: info@hed.com


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