Ringoes, New Jersey, October 28, 2013.  HED International, Inc. today announced the introduction of the world’s most compact laboratory bench scale tape casting and coating machine.  The new LabCast Model TC-41LC tape casting/coating design is smaller in size [32″W x 70″L x 36″H (70″H on included support legs)] yet combines all of the best features of HED’s popular TC-71LC and larger ProCast production machines.

HED International, Inc. is the world’s leading designer of a wide range of tape casting and coating machines being used for research and development as well as production by the foremost manufacturers of electronic, photonic, medical, plastic, adhesive and coated products.  From this experience, HED engineers have combined in a compact format a precision granite casting/coating surface, continuous web speed control, web and product take-up, convection and infrared drying adaptable to various applicators.  This compact LabCast machine can be used to evaluate castings and coatings on web substrates such as polymer film, metal foil, textiles and paper using slurries, suspensions, paints, adhesives, and other coatings.

“Our customers have asked us for a more compact laboratory bench scale machine and we have responded by developing this easy to used and affordable tape caster as part of our successful LabCast product family.” said Jim Dennis the CEO of HED International.

For more information visit www.hed.com , call (609) 466-1900 ext.124, or email: info@hed.com