HED Designs New Car Bottom Shuttle Kiln


New Energy Saving Electric Car Bottom Shuttle Furnaces!

Electric Shuttle Kiln

HED International introduces the new Heavy-Duty UPK Series of energy saving electric car bottom Shuttle/Bogie Heath Furnaces. Designed for debinding and sintering or other heat treatment requirements, the new UPK Series furnaces utilize quick cooling and residual heat to provide faster firing and rapid recycling. UPK Series furnaces are available with one or more cars or bogie hearths that are readily accessible for loading by several people or material handling equipment for heavy workloads. This allows the furnace to be firing one bogie while another is being loaded.

UPK Series Standard Features: 1000˚C, 1340˚C and 1400˚C Models

  • Extra heavy duty welded steel shell finished with heat resistant enamel paint and COOL SKIN double wall sidewalls that minimize exterior surface temperatures.
  • Electric heating elements distributed on the interior sidewalls provide uniform heating and long service life.
  • Temperature control is programmable with SCR power regulation to precisely control heat-up rate and set point with roof dampers that enable rapid cooling.
  • A duplex type thermocouple is provided for operation control and over-temperature limit safety shut-down.
  • Electrical components include a door safety switch, and main control panel safety circuit breaker. The entire system meets applicable NFPA, NEC and CE directives and is completely wired ready for operation after connection to the required electrical service.

Integrated Control Panel

HED International, a leader in the design and manufacture of processing systems, has installations worldwide used in the production of advanced ceramics, fuel cells, rechargeable batteries, capacitors, electronic materials, thermal plastic adhesives and other tape cast products.

For more information on UNIQUE/PERENY Series of energy efficient kilns and furnaces, please contact:

HED International, Inc.
P.O. Box 246, 449 Highway 31
Ringoes, NJ 08551
Fax: 609 466-3608
Phone: 609 466-1900
Web-site: www.hed.com
Email: info@hed.com

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