HED Works with Rutgers Engineers on New Rotary Furnaces for Nano Powders


Ringoes, N.J. January 15, 2013 – HED International, foremost designers of advanced thermal systems are developing rotary furnaces with Rutgers Material Science Engineers for processing nano powders.  The goal is production of advanced submicron particle size material under precisely controlled thermal and atmosphere conditions to make stronger, lighter, energy efficient ceramics and metals.

For over five decades, many university and industrial researchers have turned to HED for expertise to design process equipment for creating products such as improved titanium metal alloys, barium titanate tape cast capacitors, fiber optic glass and boron carbide body armor.  To develop more effective armor, the Army has enlisted the help of industry and several universities, including the Rutgers Ceramic Composite and Optical Materials Center.  There, the Center Director, Richard Haber professor of material science and engineering selected HED to design a new continuous rotary furnace for the production of redesigned boron carbide crystals at the atomic level suitable for fabrication into large shapes.  While boron carbide already in armor applications is very tough and lightweight, its current atomic structure is insufficient as armor to withstand the kind of high pressure impacts that many new powerful weapons can inflict.  “The goal is to revolutionize armor” Haber said.  “HED has the technical expertise and the rotary furnace designed to help us reach our objective.”

The HED RTC Rotary Furnace Atmosphere Sealing System (TSS™) designed for this project is an exclusive Unique/Pereny design featuring gas purged, double mechanical seals capable of operating with near zero pressure losses and system air ingress for the best performance, efficiency and safety available.  Seal performance may be continuously monitored and adjusted simplifying routine maintenance and maximizing seal service life.  The TSS™ sealing system is designed for processing a wide range of materials and atmospheres including some which may be reactive, flammable, or explosive.  The thermal rating up to 1800*C is available with precise control of atmosphere and temperature gradient profiles.

To learn more about HED or RTC Rotary Furnace applications and other HED products email your inquiry to info@hed.com or call us at (609) 466-1900.

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