Advantages of High Temp Top Gun Furnaces


Consider The Advantages Of High Temperature Firing In HED International Top Gun Series Of Kilns

Fuel Fired Elevator Kiln

HED International, TOP GUN, elevator kilns are designed for a wide range of premium, quality high temperature ceramic products. The kilns are available in standard sizes from 24 to 45 cubic feet capacity. Operation is with gas, oil or electric dependent upon the technically optimum method of firing the product. The HED International clear objectives of improved performance, reduced maintenance, and overall simplicity have been achieved by a variety of means.

Two zones of temperature control are provided to insure superior uniformity throughout the entire product setting space. The fuel fired kilns are equipped with specially modified high velocity burners to provide smooth temperature control between 100 C and 1700 C, or even higher with oxygen enrichment.

The TOP GUN series of kilns make use of proven, non-proprietary, readily available combustion components to provide for economical maintenance when required A water-cooled base section, with alloy construction for lifetime performance, is employed to provide the required high temperature seals. Low maintenance kiln cars are constructed with a proven interlocking refractory design.

Because the ISOMAX combustion system is divided into two zones, top and bottom, the heat input is regulated to provide the highest degree of uniformity, in spite of load variations. Individual thermocouples placed at high and low elevations within the firing lane independently and continuously monitor the output of each burner pair.

Generously sized fire lanes with high velocity burners cause vigorous internal recirculation, to further augment temperature uniformity. The spent combustion gases leave the kiln through a shielded crown slot, thereby reducing the amount of free radiation out the stack which in turn improves temperature uniformity and reduces fuel usage.

During the heating portion of the cycle, both air and fuel are varied and separately controlled for superb flexibility of the firing environment. For the fastest cooling cycle, burner-cooling air is injected into each fire lane under complete control. Auxiliary air is also added during the final segment for additional cooling power. Operationally, this system offers the finest in precision heating and cooling of technical ceramics.

HED International, Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacture of processing systems for technical ceramic and non-ceramic materials. For more information on our PRO-CAST® Series of Tape Casting/Coating Machines or our UNIQUE/PERENY® Series of energy efficient kilns, please contact

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