The Model TC-71LC Lab Coater is rapidly becoming the new standard bench top coating machine used by the world’s leading manufacturers of web coated and tape cast products. Named the “Silver Bullet”, the TC-71LC Lab Coaters supplied by HED International are routinely used to make the finest solar products, batteries, fuel cells, dermal patches, flat panels, bandages, prepegs, leds and electronic components.

The coating equipment options that are available with the TC-71LC include; continuous web speed control, substrate unwind and take-up stations, convection and infrared drying, coating fluid retainers, slot dies, blades and roll coating applicators. The TC-71LC can be used to apply many types of coating materials and adhesives onto a range of substrates and laminations including polymers, paper, metal foils, textiles and non-wovens. Perfect for quality control and product development or when precision, reliability and versatility are required, the preferred choice is the Model TC-71LC.

Ceramic Substrates manufactured for large scale electronic applications such as IC packages are being routinely improved by utilizing the HED International Lab-Cast Model TC-71LC Tape Casting machine designed specifically for bench scale projects. The results on Lab-Cast are scalable to larger production machines such as Pro-Cast Model machines up to 2 m wide and 50 m long. Dried cast tape of typical ceramic substrates is about 0.75 mm (0.03 inch) thick, optimum drying time or when the highest quality tape is ready to be harvested from the tape caster can be determined on the Lab-Cast. Product quality improvements such as this are achievable with the Lab-Cast on non-aqueous solvent based tapes, typically used to produce substrates and water based products as well.

The HED International Lab-Cast Model TC-71LC is designed for laboratory scale tape casting of multilayer ceramics, co-fired ceramics, ceramic substrates, fuel cells, flexible solar films, battery films, orthopedic bandages, transdermal film and thick film products.  For most of these products, when precision and reliability are required at a relatively low cost for quality control or research and development applications, the preferred choice is a Lab-Cast Tape Caster.

Tape casting is a straight forward method of forming thin sheets or films of material that is inexpensive, scaleable and may be used with any ceramic, metal or polymer that can be mixed in a liquid suspension or slurry. Technologist who use a bench top Lab-Cast Tape Caster are able to readily transfer their results to large production scale machines.